The treatment of chronic laxities of the ankle by external ligament tension restoration

  • El Hadj Souleymane CamaraEmail author
  • Abdoulaye Bousso
  • Jean Claude Sané
  • Mohamed Tall
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Chronic external laxities of ankle have long been treated by plasties with the short peroneal as stabilizer of the hindfoot. The restoration of the tension of the internal external capsule–ligament complex with a subastragalus flap is an interesting solution. Thirty-two sporting patients with an external instability of the ankle were treated surgically by restoration of the tension of the external lateral ligament using the Saragaglia technique and were re-examined with an average 5-year time lag. The instability and the anterior drawer were measured in pre and post-operative periods. If the intervention gives good results in severe external laxities, the result is definitely less good in laxities of low importance. The presence of a functional disorder of the forefoot constituted in the series a pejorative factor. The intervention makes it possible to correct external instability of the tibiotalar and subastragalus. The conservation of the axis of the hindfoot is useful for a good performance because an instability of the subastragalus deteriorates the result of the intervention.


Chronic laxity of the ankle External ligament tension restoration Subastragalus instability 


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