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Paul Brinckmann, Wolfgang Frobin, Gunnar Leivseth: Muskuloskeletal Biomechanics

Thieme, Stuttgart, 2002, 244 pages (ISBN 3-13-130051-5) 49.95 €

This general musculoskeletal biomechanics work is made of four parts. The first introduces the fundamental aspects of physics and mechanics required for the understanding of biomechanics. The second concerns the function and loading of joints (hip, knee, lumbar spine and shoulder), as well as the mechanical properties of the muscles, tendons, skin and bone. On an approximation, the proposed models are most often brought back to static, two-dimensional problems to enable a more comprehensive communication.

The first appendix underlines the importance of biomechanics concerning subjects such as lumbar spine loading, mechanical causes of disk prolapse and the adaptation and remodelling of bones. The second appendix fulfils the physics and mathematics data (translation and rotation in three-dimensional space failure causes).

Although one may regret...

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