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Cervical dermal sinus complicated with intramedullary abscess in a child: case report and review of literature



Dermal sinus tract (DST) is an uncommon spinal dysraphism presenting in childhood along the midline neuroaxis. Cervical DST less frequent is in association with intramedullary abscess.


A 9-month-old baby was admitted to our unit suffering from right hemiparesis. Physical examination showed a cervical midline cutaneous fistula dripping a yellowish thick liquid. Cervical MRI showed at C5 level a sinus tract in continuity with a C3–C6 intramedullary lesion. Total removal of the fistula and the intramedullary lesion was performed. Histopathological examination confirmed the diagnosis of dermal sinus and abscess.


Post-operative cervical MRI showed a complete removal of the spinal dysraphism, fistula, and intramedullary abscess. The baby showed a progressive clinical improvement and was discharged on day 10 post-surgery.


Literature review confirms that an early diagnosis followed by prompt surgical spinal cord decompression gives a functional neurological recovery.

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