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Neurosurgeons’ management of lumbosacral radicular syndrome evaluated against a clinical guideline


To establish to what extent neurosurgeons subscribe to the lumbosacral radicular syndrome (LRS) guideline, and to evaluate their current management of patients with LRS against the guideline. All active neurosurgeons in the Netherlands (n=92) were mailed a questionnaire about the guideline and data from 66 responders were analysed. Patients were recruited via seven of the participating neurosurgeons and were interviewed once by telephone. The medical records of the participating patients (n=163) were also examined. Of the 26 propositions in the LRS guideline, seven were not fully endorsed by the neurosurgeons. Three of these seven propositions may need updating based on “new evidence”. The time between the onset of the LRS episode and the actual moment of surgery was considerably longer than that recommended in the guideline. Based on their current management of LRS patients, the neurosurgeons largely adhere with the LRS guideline.

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