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Effect of traumatic reticulitis and allied syndromes on blood constituents in buffaloes


This study was aimed to evaluate the effect of traumatic reticulitis and other affections on some blood variables in buffaloes. Female buffaloes (n = 62) were divided into eight groups: control, non-penetrating reticular foreign bodies (NPRF), traumatic reticulitis (TR), traumatic reticuloperitonitis (TRP), traumatic reticuloperitonitis with peri-reticular abscess (TRP + PA), traumatic reticuloperitonitis with vagus indigestion (TRP + VI), diaphragmatic hernia (DH), and traumatic pericarditis (TP). Results revealed a significant decrease in RBC count in cases of NPRF, TR, TRP, TRP + PA, and TP. Platelet count was significantly decreased in case of TRP. Serum albumin concentration was significantly decreased in cases of TRP, NPRF and TR. Serum zinc was significantly decreased in case of TP. Serum phosphorus was significantly decreased in case of DH. It could be concluded that anemia is a consistent finding in affections of the rumen and reticulum in buffaloes. The tendency of buffaloes to ingest foreign bodies may be attributed to deficiency of phosphorus and/or zinc.

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