Hot embossing of high performance polymers


Hot embossing and injection moulding belong to the established plastic moulding processes in microengineering. Based on experimental and theoretical findings, a variety of microstructures have been replicated using these processes. However, beside the technology also the moulding materials their physical and chemical properties determines the process and their parameters. Especially high temperature semicrystalline polymers like PEEK and LCP are well suited for many applications in microfluidics. The moulding of these polymers by hot embossing requires a precise setting of temperatures for successful moulding. The present publication describes the moulding of high performance polymers by hot embossing and thermoforming. The focus is set to the process parameters and the required heating conditions for the replication of micro- and nanostructured mould inserts. In detail, the process conditions for hot embossing of LCP, PEEK, FEP and PSU will be discussed.

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