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Design of optical path of pickup for small form factor optical disk drive


We designed an optical path of pickup for the small form factor optical disk drive that is compatible with Blu-ray Disc format using 405 nm wavelength laser, 0.85 NA objective lens, and the 0.1-mm thick cover layer. The optical path consists of a high NA objective lens, a micro compensatory lens that is fabricated by micro-molding process, three reflective mirrors and a partial mirror. The optical performance of the optical path is analyzed and the expected yield ratio is calculated for 22 tolerance parameters by using Monte Carlo method. Finally, the micro compensatory lens is fabricated by micro-molding process.

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This work was funded by the Korea Science and Engineering Foundation (KOSEF) through the Center for Information Storage Device (CISD) Grant No. R11-1997-042-11003-0.

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Jung, KS., Kim, HM., Lee, SJ. et al. Design of optical path of pickup for small form factor optical disk drive. Microsyst Technol 11, 1041–1047 (2005).

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  • Optical pickup
  • High NA objective lens
  • Micro-molding process
  • Monte Carlo simulation