Correction to: J Anesth (2018) 32:33–40

Inadvertently, the reference [8] was published incorrectly in the original publication of the article. The correct reference [8] is provided below:

8. Hannivoort LN, Eleveld DJ, Proost JH, Reyntjens KMEM, Absalom AR, Vereecke HEM, Struys MMRF. Development of an optimized pharmacokinetic model for dexmedetomidine in healthy volunteers. Proceedings of 23rd annual meeting of the International Society for Anaesthetic Pharmacology. 2014. Accessed 27 Mar 2018.

In addition, the number of samples of the model in Table 1 is 379, not 408. The V1 of the Talke model in the same table is 16.6, not 16.57.