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Newsletter, January 1, 2013

A-P HPBA activities

Tadahiro Takada, MD, FACS, FRCS

Founding President of A-P HPBA

Dear Colleagues,

As the founding president of the Asian-Pacific HPBA, I would like to underline once again that this journal is the official journal of the following three societies:
  • The Asian-Pacific Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Association (A-P HPBA)

  • The Japanese Society of Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Surgery (JSHBPS)

  • The Japan Biliary Association (JBA)

It is my pleasure to inform you of the current activities of the Asian-Pacific Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Association (A-P HPBA).

Third Congress of Asian-Pacific HPBA

The Third Biennial Congress, 2011 A-P HPBA, was held in Melbourne, Australia, 27–30 September 2011 and was chaired by Professor Christopher Christophi.

The 2011 Congress focused on “making a difference with new technologies” and provided an exciting and innovative scientific program in a unique destination—Melbourne, Australia.

There were postgraduate courses held on 27 September, followed by three packed days from 28 to 30 September with a variety of different presentation types including symposia, debates, video sessions, and case presentations. To supplement the scientific program, the Congress social events provided an ideal opportunity for networking with colleagues and industry associates in an atmosphere of typical Melbourne hospitality.

Fourth Congress of Asian-Pacific HPBA

The Fourth Biennial Congress, 2013 A-P HPBA, will take place in Shanghai, China, 27–30 March 2013 with Professor Meng Chao Wu at the helm.

The theme for the A-PHPBA2013 Shanghai Congress will be “Seeking Common Ground While Reserving Differences”. This Congress will be unique as our Scientific Committee has prepared an outstanding program combining the best science and education. It will comprise pre-congress postgraduate courses and a variety of symposia, debates, video sessions, and case presentations. As China’s largest city, Shanghai is an outstanding conference destination, located at the hub of this ancient country. There will be no shortage of activities for delegates and accompanying persons.

Please visit the Congress website, where you will find further information.

We look forward to welcoming you to Shanghai in 2013, and we are confident that the event will be a memorable occasion for exchanging knowledge and strengthening friendship.

A-P HPBA officers and councilors (2011–2013)

President: Palepu Jagannath (India)

President-Elect: Xiao-Ping Chen (China)

Immediate Past-President: Joseph WY Lau (Hong Kong)

Secretary: Sung-Gyu Lee (Korea)

Treasurer: Sheung-Tat Fan (Hong Kong)

Chairman of Scientific Committee: Masao Tanaka (Japan)

Secretary-Elect: Norihiro Kokudo (Japan)

Congress Chairman: Meng-Chao Wu (China)

Members-at-large (2011–2013)

Christopher Christophi (Australia/New Zealand)

Feng Shen (China)

Avinash Supe (India)

Masakazu Yamamoto (Japan)

Sun-Whe Kim (Korea)

Harjit Singh (Malaysia)

Winston Wei-Liang Woon (Singapore)

Chao-Long Chen (Taiwan)

A-P HPBA officers and councilors (2011–2013)

Palepu Jagannath, President

Lilavati Hospital and Research Centre

Department of Surgical Oncology

Bandra (West)


Xiao-Ping Chen,


Tongji Hospital

Tongji Medical College

Department of General Surgery

Huazhong University of Science and Technology


Joseph WY Lau, Immediate


The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Department of Surgery

Prince of Wales Hospital


New Territories

Sung-Gyu Lee


Sheung-Tat Fan


Masao Tanaka

Chairman of Scientific Committee

Norihiro Kokudo


Meng-Chao Wu

Congress Chairman, Fourth


Shanghai Eastern Hepatobiliary Surgery Hospital


Christopher Christophi


Feng Shen


Avinash Supe


Masakazu Yamamoto


Sung-Whe Kim


Harjit Singh


Winston WL Woon


Chao-Long Chen



A-PHPBA Committees

Executive Committee (2011–2013)

Chairman: Palepu Jagannath (India), President

Members: Xiao-Ping Chen (China), President-Elect

Joseph WY Lau (Hong Kong), Immediate Past-President

Sung-Gyu Lee (Korea), Secretary

Sheung-Tat Fan (Hong Kong), Treasurer

Masao Tanaka (Japan), Chairman of Scientific Committee

Education and Training Committee (2011–2013)

Chairman: Palepu Jagannath (President)

Members: Xiao-Ping Chen (President-Elect)

Christopher Christophi (Member-at-Large, Australia/New Zealand)

Feng Shen (Member-at-Large, China)

Avinash Supe (Member-at-Large, India)

Masakazu Yamamoto (Member-at-Large, Japan)

Sun-Whe Kim (Member-at-Large, Korea)

Winston WL Woon (Member-at-Large, Singapore)

Harjit Singh (Member-at-Large, Malaysia)

Chao-Long Chen (Member-at-Large, Taiwan)

Development Committee (2011–2013)

Chairman: Joseph Lau (Hong Kong), Immediate Past-President

Members: Palepu Jagannath (India), President

Sheung-Tat Fan (Hong Kong), Treasurer

Christopher Christophi (Member-at-Large, Australia/New Zealand)

Membership Committee (2011–2013)

Chairman: Palepu Jagannath (President)

Members: Sung-Gyu Lee (Secretary)

Xiao-Ping Chen (China)

Rajeev Joshi (India)

Masakazu Yamamoto (Japan)

Hong Jin Kim (Korea)

Saxon Connor (New Zealand)

Kui Hin Liau (Singapore)

Chao-Long Chen (Taiwan)

Vajarapong Bhudisawasdi (Thailand)

Nominating Committee (2011–2013)

Chairman: Joseph Lau (Hong Kong), Immediate Past-President

Members: Palepu Jagannath (India), President

Xiao-Ping Chen (China), President-Elect

Publication Committee (2011–2013)

Chairman: Sheung-Tat Fan (Treasurer)

Members: Palepu Jagannath (President)

Masao Tanaka (Chair of Scientific Committee)

Xiao-Ping Chen (President-Elect)

Sung Gyu Lee (Secretary)

Scientific Committee (2011–2013)

Chairman: Masao Tanaka (Japan)

Vice-Chairman: Saxon Connor (New Zealand)

Members: Palepu Jagannath (President)

Sung-Gyu Lee (Secretary)

Meng-Chao Wu (Congress Chairman)

Krishnakumar Madhavan (Singapore, next Congress Chairman)

Feng Shen (China)

Zhi-Yong Huang (China)

See-Ching Chan (Hong Kong)

Eric CH Lai (Hong Kong)

Regulagedda A Sastry (India)

Shailesh V. Shrikhande (India)

Itaru Endo (Japan)

Hong-Jin Kim (Korea)

Sun Whe Kim (Korea)

Krishna Raman (Malaysia)

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