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Feeding behavior of giant trilobites from the Penha Garcia Ichnological Park (UNESCO Naturtejo Global Geopark, Portugal)

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Fig. 1

(photograph by Pedro Martins)

Fig. 2

(photograph by Pedro Martins)


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The authors are very grateful to the Editor-in-Chief Prof. Wolf-Christian Dullo, and especially Donald Goldstein, for the very positive comments and for improving the final version of the manuscript.

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de Carvalho, C.N., Baucon, A., Bayet-Goll, A. et al. Feeding behavior of giant trilobites from the Penha Garcia Ichnological Park (UNESCO Naturtejo Global Geopark, Portugal). Int J Earth Sci (Geol Rundsch) 109, 2825–2827 (2020).

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