Large-scale fossil dune on Maio, Cape Verdes

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Fig. 1

(Photo: T. Hansteen)

Fig. 2

(Photo: T. Hansteen)


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LKS would like to acknowledge funding from Helmholtz Research School for Ocean System Science and Technology (HOSST). The authors thank two anonymous reviewers and the editor, Sascha Flögel, for their comments.

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Samrock, L.K., Dullo, W. & Hansteen, T.H. Large-scale fossil dune on Maio, Cape Verdes. Int J Earth Sci (Geol Rundsch) 107, 2931–2932 (2018).

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  • Cape Verdes
  • Paleowind Directions
  • Serralheiro
  • Eastern Atlantic Islands
  • Quaternary Aeolian Deposits