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Transition fronts in unbounded domains with multiple branches


This paper is concerned with the existence and uniqueness of transition fronts of a general reaction-diffusion-advection equation in domains with multiple branches. In this paper, every branch in the domain is not necessary to be straight and we use the notions of almost-planar fronts to generalize the standard planar fronts. Under some assumptions of existence and uniqueness of almost-planar fronts with positive propagating speeds in extended branches, we prove the existence of entire solutions emanating from some almost-planar fronts in some branches. Then, we get that these entire solutions converge to almost-planar fronts in some of the rest branches as time increases if no blocking occurs in these branches. Finally, provided by the complete propagation of every front-like solution emanating from one almost-planar front in every branch, we prove that there is only one type of transition fronts, that is, the entire solutions emanating from some almost-planar fronts in some branches and converging to almost-planar fronts in the rest branches.

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  1. A bounded set K is called star-shaped if there is x in the interior \(\mathrm {Int}(K)\) of K such that \(x+t(y-x)\in \mathrm {Int}(K)\) for all \(y\in \partial K\) and \(t\in [0,1)\). Then, we say that K is star-shaped with respect to the point x.


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Research partially supported by National Science Foundation (grant no. NSF1826801).

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