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DATE: a video dataset and benchmark for dynamic hand gesture recognition

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Neural Computing and Applications Aims and scope Submit manuscript


This paper proposes a new Dynamic hAnd gesTurE (DATE) dataset for dynamic hand gestures. The DATE dataset contains 13,500 videos of 22 different subjects. The subjects wear different clothes, have different backgrounds, and are filmed from various camera angles. Two different benchmarks for our self-built DATE dataset are also proposed. The first one is the high accuracy approach, while the second benchmark is the lightweight approach. The operation of our benchmarks has two phases. In the first phase, videos are preprocessed with detection or segmentation tasks. Then, the processed data are classified by customized cutting-edge deep learning models in the second phase. Experimental results showed that our benchmarks obtained high accuracies in both the self-build dataset and a publicly recognized dataset.

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Data availability

Details of our dataset can be found online at Accessing our dataset is available from the corresponding author upon reasonable request.


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This research is funded by Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST) under grant number T2022-PC-052. This research is also partially supported by NAVER Corporation within the framework of collaboration with the International Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (BKAI), School of Information and Communications Technology, HUST under project NAVER.2022.DA02.

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