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A novel model for the lassa hemorrhagic fever: deathly disease for pregnant women


Adjacent to the terminal transmissible sickness recognized as Ebola hemorrhagic fever, there is another one called Lassa hemorrhagic fever. This disease kills more pregnant women as Ebola does. A novel analysis of the construction of mathematical formulas underpinning the spread of this sickness amount in pregnant women was presented in this paper. A clear justification of the derivative used in this construction is presented. A novel operator called Atangana transform was proposed and used. The derivation of the numerical solution was achieved via the scope of an iteration method. The efficiency of the used method was tested by presenting its stability and convergence. Numerical simulations are also presented.

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  • Model of Lassa fever for pregnant women
  • Beta-derivative
  • Atangana transform
  • Stability and uniqueness
  • Numerical simulations