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Efficacy and safety of 153Sm-EDTMP as treatment of painful bone metastasis: a large single-center study

  • Hélène Kolesnikov-GauthierEmail author
  • Nathalie Lemoine
  • Emmanuelle Tresch-Bruneel
  • Anaïs Olivier
  • Aurore Oudoux
  • Nicolas Penel
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The purpose of this study is to assess the efficacy of 153Sm-EDTMP (Quadramet®) in a clinical setting.


We have conducted a retrospective study of all consecutive patients (pts) treated with 153Sm-EDTMP for painful bone metastases. At each visit (before and after treatment), four parameters were collected: (i) pain assessment according to the 10-step visual analogue scale (VAS), (ii) sleep disturbance related to pain, (iii) dose of analgesic medication, and (iv) answer to the following closed question “Do you think you obtained a benefit from treatment?” Success of treatment was defined by the combination of these four parameters.


Three hundred seventy consecutive 153Sm-EDTMP treatments for painful bone metastases were given. Patients had the following primary tumors: breast carcinoma (153), prostate carcinoma (155), lung carcinoma (27), or other cancers (35). Fifty-eight percent of the patients had received previous external osseous radiotherapy. Ninety-seven percent of the patients were treated with concomitant analgesics and 61% were treated with diphosphonates. A clinical benefit was described in 55.0% of cases at D30. Treatment was more effective in cases of breast and prostate cancers compared with other types of primary cancers. Patients described a benefit at D30 in 62, 58, 6, and 38% of cases of breast, prostate, lung, and other cancers. The subjective efficacy was accompanied by a decrease in analgesic intake in 35.0% of cases.


153Sm-EDTMP therapy is an effective supportive treatment in patients who suffer from bone metastases, especially in patients with breast or prostate cancer.


Samarium153 Bone metastases Pain palliative Radiometabolic therapy 


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  • Nathalie Lemoine
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  • Emmanuelle Tresch-Bruneel
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  • Anaïs Olivier
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  • Aurore Oudoux
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  • Nicolas Penel
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