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Table 2 Lung co-design working groups and outcomes

From: Implementing patient-centred cancer care: using experience-based co-design to improve patient experience in breast and lung cancer services

Working group Outcomes of co-design group work
Diagnosis • Establishment of second breaking-bad-news room
• Guidance on diagnosis procedures included in junior doctors’ induction
• Improved links between patients and CNSs
Information • Patients waiting in oncology outpatients encouraged to visit information office
• Promotion of information and support centres at different sites (advertising at hospital entrance)
• Patient information leaflets for specific points in the pathway
• Patient DVD ‘welcome to cancer services’ for newly diagnosed and referred patients
Continuity of care • Link nurse scheme to improve cross-site working
• Quarterly CNS forum to facilitate development of service
• Staff name board (with pictures) enables patients to identify staff members easily
• Cross-site visibility of test results, email and remote access for staff (IT systems)
• Improved access to out-of-hours oncology services
Other improvement work (in addition to co-design groups) • Re-profiling of outpatient clinic booking to reduce waiting times and facilitate patient access to same doctor
• Establishment of nurse-led end of treatment clinics
• New information centre on one site
• Beacon site for roll out of the National Cancer Action Team (NCAT) Cancer Information Prescriptions programme