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Design of sliding mode controller for sensor/actuator fault with unknown input observer for satellite control system


In this paper, the mechanism for estimation of the sensor and actuator faulty control problem for the class of nonlinear systems is investigated. First, we transformed the nonlinear system into a new coordinate system to estimate the fault. In the new coordinate system, the Lipschitz conditions and system uncertainties are also considered. Then, by implementing the sliding mode observer (SMO) method, initially, we introduced the transformation scheme to make the system rational. In this, we split our system into two parts such that the actuator fault function had only occurred in the second state vector of nonlinear dynamics. Based on the Lyapunov stability theory and appropriate inequality, some sufficient criteria in the form of linear matrix inequalities are obtained to ensure the bounded stability for the prescribed \(H_{\infty }\) performance level. In addition, the designed algorithm for actuator fault is further applied for sensor fault. Finally, the numerical example with simulation results is provided to validate the practicability and efficacy of the developed control strategy.

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The work was also supported by starting PhD fund No. 20z14.

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  • Sliding mode observer
  • Unknown fault
  • Lipschitz conditions
  • Fault diagnosis and estimation