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Design of digital IIR filter with low quantization error using hybrid optimization technique

  • N. AgrawalEmail author
  • A. Kumar
  • Varun Bajaj
Methodologies and Application


In this paper, a hybrid optimization technique based on particle swarm optimization (PSO) and artificial bee colony (ABC) algorithm is presented for the optimal design of infinite impulse response (IIR) filter with low quantization effect. In this method, different variants of PSO have been exhaustively tested, and the time varying coefficients-PSO (TVC-PSO) is used to formulate a new hybrid technique for better exploitation and exploration, which is further modified by sorting and replacement mechanism of Scout Bee from ABC algorithm. For designing IIR filter, an objective function is constructed that satisfies the absolute error including peak ripples in passband and stopband regions in frequency domain, while stability of designed filter is confirmed by exploiting the lattice form structure during iterative computation that also reduces computation complexity. Several attributes such as passband error \((e_{\mathrm{p}})\), stopband error \((e_{\mathrm{s}})\), and stopband attenuation \((A_{\mathrm{s}})\) are used to measure the performance of proposed algorithm. The simulation results presented in this paper evidence that this technique can be effectively used for designing digital IIR filter with higher filter taps, and low quantization effect for fixed number of bits.


Hybrid technique Evolutionary computation IIR Optimization Quantization 


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