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Hybridizing harmony search algorithm with cuckoo search for global numerical optimization


For the purpose of enhancing the search ability of the cuckoo search (CS) algorithm, an improved robust approach, called HS/CS, is put forward to address the optimization problems. In HS/CS method, the pitch adjustment operation in harmony search (HS) that can be considered as a mutation operator is added to the process of the cuckoo updating so as to speed up convergence. Several benchmarks are applied to verify the proposed method and it is demonstrated that, in most cases, HS/CS performs better than the standard CS and other comparative methods. The parameters used in HS/CS are also investigated by various simulations.

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This work was supported by Research Fund for the Doctoral Program of Jiangsu Normal University (no. 13XLR041) and National Natural Science Foundation of China (no. 61272297 and no. 61402207).

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  • Global optimization problem
  • Cuckoo search (CS)
  • Harmony search (HS)
  • Pitch adjustment operation