Edge-Coloring Bipartite Multigraphs in O(E logD) Time

Let V, E, and D denote the cardinality of the vertex set, the cardinality of the edge set, and the maximum degree of a bipartite multigraph G. We show that a minimal edge-coloring of G can be computed in O(E logD time. This result follows from an algorithm for finding a matching in a regular bipartite graph in O(E) time.

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Received September 23, 1999

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Cole, R., Ost, K. & Schirra, S. Edge-Coloring Bipartite Multigraphs in O(E logD) Time. Combinatorica 21, 5–12 (2001). https://doi.org/10.1007/s004930170002

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  • AMS Subject Classification (1991) Classes:  68W05, 68W40