Density Conditions for Panchromatic Colourings of Hypergraphs

Let be a hypergraph. A panchromatic t-colouring of is a t-colouring of its vertices such that each edge has at least one vertex of each colour; and is panchromatically t-choosable if, whenever each vertex is given a list of t colours, the vertices can be coloured from their lists in such a way that each edge receives at least t different colours. The Hall ratio of is . Among other results, it is proved here that if every edge has at least t vertices and whenever , then is panchromatically t-choosable, and this condition is sharp; the minimum such that every t-uniform hypergraph with is panchromatically t-choosable satisfies ; and except possibly when t = 3 or 5, a t-uniform hypergraph is panchromatically t-colourable if whenever , and this condition is sharp. This last result dualizes to a sharp sufficient condition for the chromatic index of a hypergraph to equal its maximum degree.

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Received November 10, 1998


ID="*" This work was carried out while the first author was visiting Nottingham, funded by Visiting Fellowship Research Grant GR/L54585 from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. The work of this author was also partly supported by grants 96-01-01614 and 97-01-01075 of the Russian Foundation for Fundamental Research.

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V. Kostochka, A., Woodall, D. Density Conditions for Panchromatic Colourings of Hypergraphs. Combinatorica 21, 515–541 (2001).

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