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On the Density of C7-Critical Graphs


In 1959, Grötzsch [5] famously proved that every planar graph of girth at least 4 is 3-colourable (or equivalently, admits a homomorphism to C3). A natural generalization of this is the following conjecture: for every positive integer t, every planar graph of girth at least 4t admits a homomorphism to C2t+1. This is in fact the planar dual of a well-known conjecture of Jaeger [7] which states that every 4t-edge-connected graph admits a modulo (2t + 1)-orientation. Though Jaeger’s original conjecture was disproved in [6], Lovász et al. [10] showed that every 6t-edge connected graph admits a modolo (2t + 1)-flow. The latter result implies that every planar graph of girth at least 6t admits a homomorphism to C2t+1. We improve upon this in the t = 3 case, by showing that every planar graph of girth at least 16 admits a homomorphism to C7. We obtain this through a more general result regarding the density of C7-critical graphs: if G is a C7-critical graph with G ∉ {C3, C5}, then \(e(G) \ge {{17v(G) - 2} \over {15}}\).

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