The Colouring Number of Infinite Graphs


We show that, given an infinite cardinal μ, a graph has colouring number at most μ if and only if it contains neither of two types of subgraph. We also show that every graph with infinite colouring number has a well-ordering of its vertices that simultaneously witnesses its colouring number and its cardinality.

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We thank the first referee of this paper for pointing out to mention Theorem 1.5 in the Introduction and Lemma 2.7.

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Correspondence to Nathan Bowler or Johannes Carmesin or Péter Komjáth or Christian Reiher.

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This research was supported by Thematic Excellence Programme, Industry and Digitization Subprogramme, NRDI Office, 2019.

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Bowler, N., Carmesin, J., Komjáth, P. et al. The Colouring Number of Infinite Graphs. Combinatorica 39, 1225–1235 (2019).

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