Subgroup Growth of Virtually Cyclic Right-Angled Coxeter Groups and Their Free Products


We determine the asymptotic number of index n subgroups in virtually cyclic Coxeter groups and their free products as n → ∞.

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Correspondence to Hyungryul Baik or Bram Petri or Jean Raimbault.

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H. B. was partially supported by Samsung Science & Technology Foundation grant No. SSTF-BA1702-01.

B. P. gratefully acknowledges support from the ERC Advanced Grant “Moduli”.

J. R. was supported by the grant ANR-16-CE40-0022-01 - AGIRA.

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Baik, H., Petri, B. & Raimbault, J. Subgroup Growth of Virtually Cyclic Right-Angled Coxeter Groups and Their Free Products. Combinatorica 39, 779–811 (2019).

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