Diameter of Ramanujan Graphs and Random Cayley Graphs


We study the diameter of LPS Ramanujan graphs Xp,q. We show that the diameter of the bipartite Ramanujan graphs is greater than (4/3)logp(n)+O(1), where n is the number of vertices of Xp,q. We also construct an infinite family of (p+1)-regular LPS Ramanujan graphs Xp,m such that the diameter of these graphs is greater than or equal to ⌊(4/3)logp(n)⌋. On the other hand, for any k-regular Ramanujan graph we show that only a tiny fraction of all pairs of vertices have distance greater than (1+ϵ) logk–1(n). We also have some numerical experiments for LPS Ramanujan graphs and random Cayley graphs which suggest that the diameters are asymptotically (4/3)logk–1(n) and logk–1(n), respectively.

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