Finite basis for analytic strong n-gaps


We identify the finite list of minimal analytic n-gaps which are not weakly countably separated, and we prove that every analytic n-gap which is not countably separated contains a gap from our finite list

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Correspondence to Antonio Avilées.

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A. Avilés was supported by MEC and FEDER (Project MTM2008-05396), Fundación Séneca (Project 08848/PI/08), Ramón y Cajal contract (RYC-2008-02051) and an FP7-PEOPLE-ERG-2008 action.

S. Todorcevic was supported by grants from NSERC and CNRS

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Avilées, A., Todorcevic, S. Finite basis for analytic strong n-gaps. Combinatorica 33, 375–393 (2013).

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