A unifying approach to splitting-off


We study the behaviour of splitting-off algorithms when applied to the problem of covering a symmetric skew-supermodular set function by a graph. This hard problem is a natural generalization of many solved connectivity augmentation problems, such as local edge-connectivity augmentation of graphs, global arc-connectivity augmentation of mixed graphs with undirected edges, or the node-to-area connectivity augmentation problem in graphs. Using a simple lemma we characterize the situation when a splitting-off algorithm can get stuck. This characterization enables us to give very simple proofs for the results mentioned above. Finally we apply our observations on generalizations of the above problems: we consider three connectivity augmentation problems in hypergraphs where the objective is to use hyperedges of minimum total size without increasing the rank. The first is local edge-connectivity augmentation of undirected hypergraphs. The second is global arc-connectivity augmentation of mixed hypergraphs with undirected hyperedges. The third is a hypergraphic generalization of the node-to-area connectivity augmentation problem. We show that a greedy approach (almost) works in these cases.

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An extended abstract version of this paper has appeared in the proceedings of IPCO 2008, pages 401–415

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