Points surrounding the origin


Suppose d > 2, n > d+1, and we have a set P of n points in d-dimensional Euclidean space. Then P contains a subset Q of d points such that for any pP, the convex hull of Q∪{p} does not contain the origin in its interior.

We also show that for non-empty, finite point sets A 1, ..., A d+1 in ℝd, if the origin is contained in the convex hull of A i A j for all 1≤i<jd+1, then there is a simplex S containing the origin such that |SA i |=1 for every 1≤id+1. This is a generalization of Bárány’s colored Carathéodory theorem, and in a dual version, it gives a spherical version of Lovász’ colored Helly theorem.

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Correspondence to János Pach.

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Dedicated to Imre Bárány, Gábor Fejes Tóth, László Lovász, and Endre Makai on the occasion of their sixtieth birthdays.

Supported by the Norwegian research council project number: 166618, and BK 21 Project, KAIST. Part of the research was conducted while visiting the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences.

Supported by NSF Grant CCF-05-14079, and by grants from NSA, PSC-CUNY, the Hungarian Research Foundation OTKA, and BSF.

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