Linear Versus Hereditary Discrepancy*

Lovász, Spencer and Vesztergombi proved that the linear discrepancy of a hypergraph H is bounded above by the hereditary discrepancy of H, and conjectured a sharper bound that involves the number of vertices in H. In this paper we give a short proof of this conjecture for hypergraphs of hereditary discrepancy 1. For hypergraphs of higher hereditary discrepancy we give some partial results and propose a sharpening of the conjecture.

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Correspondence to Tom Bohman†.

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* A proof of the conjecture of Lovász, Spencer and Vesztergombi for hypergraphs of hereditary discrepancy 1 has also been independently obtained by B. Doerr [6].

† Supported in part by NSF grant DMS-0100400.

‡ Research supported by the Technion V. P. R. Fund–M. and M. L. Bank Mathematics Research Fund and by the Fund for the Promotion of Research at the Technion.

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Bohman†, T., Holzman‡, R. Linear Versus Hereditary Discrepancy*. Combinatorica 25, 39–47 (2004).

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