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Demographics of paediatric renal replacement therapy in Europe: a report of the ESPN/ERA–EDTA registry



The ESPN/ERA–EDTA Registry collects data on European children with end-stage renal disease receiving renal replacement therapy (RRT) who are listed on national and regional renal registries in Europe. In this paper we report on the analysis of demographic data collected from 2009 to 2011.


Data on primary renal disease, incidence, prevalence, 4-year survival, transplantation rate and causes of death in paediatric patients receiving RRT were extracted from the ESPN/ERA–EDTA Registry for 37 European countries.


The incidence of RRT in paediatric patients in Europe during the study period was 5.5 cases per million age-related population (pmarp) in patients aged 0–14 years and varied markedly between countries (interquartile range 3.4–7.0 years). The prevalence of RRT was 27.9 pmarp and increased with age, with 67 % of prevalent patients living with a functioning graft. The probability of receiving a transplant within 4 years was 76.9 % and was lowest in patients aged 0–4 years (68.9 %). Mortality in paediatric patients treated with RRT was 55-fold higher than that of the general EU paediatric population. Overall survival at 4 years was 93.7 %, with the poorest survival in patients aged 0–4 years and in patients starting on dialysis. Infections (19.9 %) were the primary cause of death in European paediatric RRT patients.


Considerable variation exists in the current demographics of children treated with RRT across Europe.

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We would like to thank the patients, their parents and the staff of all the dialysis and transplant units who have contributed data via their national registries and contact persons. We also would like to thank R. Coppo, D. Haffner, J. Harambat and C. Stefanidis for being members of the ESPN/ERA-EDTA Registry Committee, D Shitza, R Kramar, R Oberbauer, S Baiko, A Sukalo, K van Hoeck, F Collart, JM des Grottes, D Pokrajac, H. Resić, B Prnjavorac, D Roussinov, D Batinić, M Lemac, J Slavicek, T Seeman, K Vondrak, JG Heaf, U Toots, P Finne, C Grönhagen-Riska, C Couchoud, M Lasalle, E Sahpazova, G Gersdorf, C Barth, C Scholz, B Tönshoff G Ioannidis, A Kapogiannis, F Papachristou, G Reusz, S Túri, L Szabó, T Szabó, Zs Györke, E Kis, R Palsson, V Edvardsson, B Gianoglio, T de Palo, C Pecoraro, S Picca, S Testa, E Vidal, F Mencarelli, A Jankauskiene, B Pundziene, V Said-Conti, S Gatcan, O Berbeca, N Zaikova, S Pavićević, T Leivestad, A Bjerre, A Zurowska, I Zagozdzon, C Mota, M Almeida, C Afonso, G Mircescu, L Garneata, E Podgoreanu, EA Molchanova, NA Tomilina, BT Bikbov, M Kostic, A Peco-Antic, S Puric, D Kruscic, B Spasojevic-Dimitrijeva, G Milosecski-Lomic D Paripovic, L Podracka, G Kolvek, J Buturovic-Ponikvar, G Novljan, N Battelino, A Alonso Melgar and the Spanish Pediatric Registry, S Schön, KG Prütz, A Seeberger, L Backmän, M Evans, CE Kuenhi, E Maurer, G Laube, G Simometi, A Hoitsma, A Hemke and all centers participating in the RichQ study; R Topaloglu, A Duzova, D Ivanov, M Sinha and the staff of the UK renal registry for contributing data to the ESPN/ERA-EDTA Registry. The ESPN/ERA–EDTA registry is funded by the European Society of Pediatric Nephrology (ESPN), the European Renal Association and European Dialysis and Transplant Association (ERA–EDTA). This publication arises from the project of the ESPN/ERA-EDTA registry (ESPN_FY2013) which has received funding from the European Union, in the framework of the Health programme.

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Correspondence to Karlijn J. Van Stralen.

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Nicholas Chesnaye and Marjolein Bonthuis contributed equally to the manuscript.

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