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Table 1 Clinical data available for patients carrying p.Lys65Gln

From: Novel C3 mutation p.Lys65Gln in aHUS affects complement factor H binding

Patient number Gender (F/M) Age at onset C3 levels in acute aHUS phasea Transplantation history Outcome
1 M 40 0.73–0.95 aHUS after transplantationb Partial recovery
2 F 18 0.48–0.76 aHUS after transplantationc and aHUS recurrence in second graft ESRD
3 M 45 0.5 Transplantation after aHUS and aHUS recurrence in the graft ESRD
  1. aHUS atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome, ESRD end-stage renal disease
  2. aC3 normal values: 0.70–1.50 g/L
  3. bKidney transplantation related to thrombotic microangiopathy as a result of malignant hypertension
  4. cKidney transplantation related to rapidly progressing glomerulonephritis