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Proximal renal tubular dysfunction in primary distal renal tubular acidosis

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Low-molecular-weight (LMW) proteinuria has been described in patients with primary distal renal tubular acidosis (dRTA). However, other proximal renal tubular dysfunctions have rarely been reported. In this report we describe reversible and multiple proximal renal tubular cell dysfunctions in a patient with dRTA. A 4-year-old girl was admitted to our hospital for investigation of short stature and proteinuria. Laboratory studies revealed a hyperchloremic metabolic acidosis without aciduria, hypokalemia, hypouricemia with uricosuria, hypercalciuria, LMW proteinuria, phosphaturia, and generalized aminoaciduria. The patient was diagnosed as having dRTA with multiple proximal renal tubular dysfunctions. All proximal renal tubular dysfunction subsided 1.5 years after starting alkali therapy. The precise pathogenic mechanisms underlying the development of multiple proximal renal tubular dysfunctions in dRTA remained unclear. However, proximal renal tubular endosomal dysfunction resulting from a profound intracellular acidosis caused by vacuolar H+-ATPase dysfunction or hypokalemic nephropathy might contribute to the development of proximal renal tubular dysfunctions in patients with dRTA.

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The author would like to thank Dr. Takashi Igarashi of the Department of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, University of Tokyo, for his valuable comments about the patient in this report.

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