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Laparoscopic right hemicolectomy with intracorporeal anastomosis: short- and long-term benefits in comparison with extracorporeal anastomosis

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Laparoscopic right colectomy with intracorporeal anastomosis is a procedure of increasing popularity. This study aims to compare short- and long-term outcomes of intracorporeal and extracorporeal anastomoses.


This is a comparative study of two anastomosis techniques for laparoscopic right hemicolectomy. A total of 191 consecutive patients, operated for neoplasm of the right colon, were identified. The intracorporeal group included 91 patients and the extracorporeal group 100 patients.


Patient demographics and disease-related characteristics were similar. Mean operative time was longer in the intracorporeal group (155 vs. 142 min; P = 0.006). Intracorporeal anastomosis was associated with less overall postoperative complications (18.7 vs. 35 %, P = 0.011) and decreased rate of surgical site infections (4.4 vs. 14 %, P = 0.023). The need for postoperative intervention (Clavien–Dindo 3) was higher in the extracorporeal group (7 vs. 0 %; P = 0.015). There was no statistically significant difference in the incidence of postoperative leak, ileus and bleeding. Mean length of stay was significantly shorter in the intracorporeal group (5.9 ± 2.1 vs. 6.9 ± 3.0; P = 0.04). Moreover, more patients with intracorporeal anastomosis had a length of stay shorter than 4 days (28.6 vs. 14.1 %, P = 0.015). Extraction incision was periumbilical in 99 % of the patients in the extracorporeal group. In the intracorporeal group extraction, incision was transverse suprapubic (Pfannenstiel) in 85.7 %, transvaginal in 9.9 % and periumbilical in 3.3 % of the patients. The incidence rate of incisional hernia was lower in the intracorporeal group (2.2 vs. 17.0 %, P = 0.001).


Laparoscopic right hemicolectomy with intracorporeal anastomosis is associated with improved short- and long-term outcomes. The rates of postoperative complications requiring intervention and incisional hernias are decreased.

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