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Single-incision laparoscopic versus conventional laparoscopic right hemicolectomy: a comparison of short-term surgical results

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Since the introduction of laparoscopic colectomy, improved short-term surgical results have been noted in the literature. Therefore, efforts have shifted to reducing the invasiveness of laparoscopic surgery, resulting in the invention of single-incision laparoscopic surgery (SILS). Due to its comparable capabilities and feasibility, the implementation of SILS has rapidly grown in different fields. However, few studies discuss its true benefit compared with conventional laparoscopy. This study is the first to use SILS colectomy as an approach for malignant colon cancer. The goal of this cohort series is to compare the short-term surgical outcomes between SILS and conventional right hemicolectomy.


This was a case-control study comparing SILS right hemicolectomy patients to traditional laparoscopic right hemicolectomy. The inclusion criteria were only ascending colon cecal lesions. Cases of obstruction or perforation that required emergent operation or previous abdominal surgery were excluded. These patients were specifically matched in regard to patient’s age, gender, perioperative condition, surgical indication, and tumor size. No consideration or analysis of operative parameters and outcomes was made until this group was definitively selected as the best comparison cohort based on preoperative variables only.


A total of 18 patients were included for SILS and the other 21 patients were completed by conventional laparoscopic right hemicolectomy. The SILS and traditional laparoscopic groups were similar in regard to age, gender, body mass index, and perioperation outcomes. Initial oncologic results were no different, including equal length of distal cut margin, numbers of harvested lymph nodes, and TMN stage. Three patients in the SILS colectomy group were converted (16.6%), and there were no conversions in the traditional laparoscopic colectomy group.


Our preliminary experience with SILS right hemicolectomy demonstrated the safety of the procedure and its feasibility in malignant colon cancer. Although SILS right hemicolectomy may provide a subjective cosmetic advantage, there was no benefit in the short-term surgical outcomes. SILS is very situational, requires more effort from the surgeon, and may not offer more patient comfort. More experience with SILS and prospective trials are needed to validate it as a more favorable alternative to conventional laparoscopic colectomy.

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This study was financially supported by National Science Council (Grant no. NSC 96-2320-B-039-024), China Medical University Hospital (DMR 97-045, DMR 99-136).


Drs. William Tzu-Liang Chen, Sheng-Chi Chang, Hua-Che Chiang, Wan-Yu Lo, Long-Bin Jeng, Christina Wu, Tao-Wei KE have no any affiliation with or financial interest in a commercial organization that poses a potential conflict of interest with our study.

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William Tzu-Liang Chen and Tao-Wei Ke contributed equally to this work.

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