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Laparoscopic appendectomy without clip or ligature. An experimental study



We aimed to test the efficacy and safety of closure of the appendeceal stump with only laparoscopic bipolar electrocautery in rats.


In this study, 40 female Wistar-Albino rats were used. In group I (n = 10), appendix vermiformis, approximately 1 cm in width, was completely ligated with 3/0 silk suture close to cecum, and removed. In group II (n = 20) and group III (n = 10), the appendeceal stump was coagulated by bipolar cautery. The coagulation of 70 mA took 10 s, and was repeated one more time. The stump was divided, and checked to ensure complete occlusion. Groups I and II underwent relaparotomy at 15 days, cecum was taken out, and the burst pressure of the stump was measured. Group III did not undergo relaparotomy; the burst pressure was measured during the first laparotomy.


All rats survived. At relaparotomy, no intra-abdominal complications were detected, including intestinal obstruction, abscess, and leakage. Omentum and fatty tissue of uterus was adhered to the appendix stump in group I, but only fatty tissue of uterus was adhered on the stump in group II. Although the intracecal pressure reached 30 cmH2O, at which pressure the cecum was highly stretched, ligated (group I) or coagulated (group II) stumps did not burst or opened. In group III, the burst or opening pressure of the stump (11.2 ± 2.7 cmH2O) was significantly lower than in groups I and II (p < 0.001). Of group II rats, 80% had complete epithelial regeneration at the coagulated stump sites in contrast to ligated rats (p < 0.001) with severe inflammatory changes, abscess, and necrosis.


At late course, coagulated stumps did not allow the leakage or burst, unlike ligated stumps. However, coagulation of the stump seemed to contribute more to epithelial healing. This experimental model suggests that the closure of the stump with only bipolar coagulation was a safe and feasible method.

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The study was supported by Akdeniz University’s management unit of scientific research projects.

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