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First report on sequential totally endoscopic thymomectomy and adrenalectomy using computer-enhanced telemanipulation


Background: Laparoscopic adrenalectomy is considered the standard method for removal of benign adrenal tumors, regardless of hormone activity. Minimally invasive surgery for thymomectomy aims at limited approaches, avoiding complete sternotomy or large thoracotomy. Methods: We report on a case in which totally endoscopic thymomectomy and adrenal gland resection were performed sequentially using a computer-enhanced telemanipulation system within 3 weeks. Results: Operating time was 4.5 h for totally endoscopic adrenalectomy and 1.5 h for totally endoscopic thymomectomy. The patient was transferred to the normal ward on the day of operation after either procedure and had an uneventful recovery. Pathology yielded no malignancy in both cases. Conclusion: This report demonstrates the safety and feasibility of various totally endoscopic procedures performed sequentially.

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