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A Turán-Type Theorem for Large-Distance Graphs in Euclidean Spaces, and Related Isodiametric Problems


Given a measurable set \(A\subset \mathbb R^d\) we consider the large-distance graph \(\mathcal {G}_A\), on the ground set A, in which each pair of points from A whose distance is bigger than 2 forms an edge. We consider the problems of maximizing the 2d-dimensional Lebesgue measure of the edge set as well as the d-dimensional Lebesgue measure of the vertex set of a large-distance graph in the d-dimensional Euclidean space that contains no copies of a complete graph on k vertices. The former problem may be seen as a continuous analogue of Turán’s classical graph theorem, and the latter as a “graph-theoretic” analogue of the classical isodiametric problem. Our main result yields an analogue of Mantel’s theorem for large-distance graphs. Our approach employs an isodiametric inequality in an annulus, which might be of independent interest.

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We thank the anonymous referee for his or her comments.

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  • Turán’s theorem
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