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The Genus of Curve, Pants and Flip Graphs

  • Hugo Parlier
  • Bram PetriEmail author


This article is about the graph genus of certain well studied graphs in surface theory: the curve, pants and flip graphs. We study both the genus of these graphs and the genus of their quotients by the mapping class group. The full graphs, except for in some low complexity cases, all have infinite genus. The curve graph once quotiented by the mapping class group has the genus of a complete graph so its genus is well known by a theorem of Ringel and Youngs. For the other two graphs we are able to identify the precise growth rate of the graph genus in terms of the genus of the underlying surface. The lower bounds are shown using probabilistic methods.


Curve graph Pants graph Flip graph Graph genus Surfaces 

Mathematics Subject Classification

Primary 57M15 Secondary 05C10 05C80 


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  1. 1.Mathematics Research UnitUniversity of LuxembourgEsch-sur-AlzetteLuxembourg
  2. 2.Mathematisches InstitutUniverstät BonnBonnGermany

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