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Recognizing Weakly Simple Polygons


We present an \(O(n\log n)\)-time algorithm that determines whether a given n-gon in the plane is weakly simple. This improves upon an \(O(n^2\log n)\)-time algorithm by Chang et al. (Proceedings of the 26th ACM-SIAM symposium on discrete algorithm, SIAM, 2015). Weakly simple polygons are required as input for several geometric algorithms. As such, recognizing simple or weakly simple polygons is a fundamental problem.

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Research by Akitaya, Aloupis, and Tóth was supported in part by the NSF awards CCF-1422311 and CCF-1423615. Akitaya was supported by the Science Without Borders program. Research by Erickson was supported in part by the NSF award CCF-1408763. We thank Anika Rounds and Diane Souvaine for many helpful conversations that contributed to the completion of this project. We thank the anonymous referees for many useful comments and suggestions.

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