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An Algorithmic Framework for Labeling Network Maps

  • Benjamin Niedermann
  • Jan-Henrik Haunert
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  1. Special Issue on Computing and Combinatorics


Drawing network maps automatically comprises two challenging steps, namely laying out the map and placing non-overlapping labels. In this paper we tackle the problem of labeling an already existing network map considering the application of metro maps. We present a flexible and versatile labeling model that subsumes different labeling styles. We show that labeling a single line of the network is NP-hard, even if we make very restricting requirements about the labeling style that is used with this model. For a restricted variant of that model, we then introduce an efficient algorithm that optimally labels a single line with respect to a given cost function. Based on that algorithm, we present a general and sophisticated workflow for multiple metro lines, which is experimentally evaluated on real-world metro maps.


Labeling Metro maps Computational cartography Dynamic programming Integer linear programming Experimental evaluation 



We sincerely thank Herman Haverkort, Arlind Nocaj, Aidan Slingsby and Jo Wood for helpful and interesting discussions.


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