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Engineering Parallel String Sorting

  • Timo BingmannEmail author
  • Andreas Eberle
  • Peter Sanders


We discuss how string sorting algorithms can be parallelized on modern multi-core shared memory machines. As a synthesis of the best sequential string sorting algorithms and successful parallel sorting algorithms for atomic objects, we first propose string sample sort. The algorithm makes effective use of the memory hierarchy, uses additional word level parallelism, and largely avoids branch mispredictions. Then we focus on NUMA architectures, and develop parallel multiway LCP-merge and -mergesort to reduce the number of random memory accesses to remote nodes. Additionally, we parallelize variants of multikey quicksort and radix sort that are also useful in certain situations. As base-case sorter for LCP-aware string sorting we describe sequential LCP-insertion sort which calculates the LCP array and accelerates its insertions using it. Comprehensive experiments on five current multi-core platforms are then reported and discussed. The experiments show that our parallel string sorting implementations scale very well on real-world inputs and modern machines.


Parallel string sorting String sorting Sample sort Merge sort LCP-merge sort LCP-insertion sort Super scalar string sample sort 



We would like the thank the anonymous reviewer for extraordinarily thorough checking of our algorithms and proofs, and for kind suggestions on how to improve the paper.


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