Poster Abstract: Less energy, more efficiency in server rooms and data centers

A campaign by the Swiss Telecommunications Association


Server rooms and data centers consume approximately 3% of the total electricity production in Switzerland. Studies have shown that more than 40% of that energy could be saved if common best practices were implemented by facility and IT operators. In order to raise public awareness of this relevant energy-saving potential, the Swiss Telecommunications Association was asked to set up a campaign. We describe the main elements of the campaign as well as preliminary results of the survey that is part of the campaign.

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Data center experts: A. Altenburger, J. Baumann, S. Bossard, R. Fasan, S. Frey, J. Schanze, R. Weber. Campaign team: Ch. Grasser, M. Grigorie, M. Maurer, L. Mettler, D. Oppenheim, M. Schneider, M. Winiger. The campaign’s survey and measures catalog tools are based on tools developed by the Green IT SIG.

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  • Energy efficiency
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