Poster abstract: Big Data beats engineering in residential energy performance assessment—a case study


Engineering-based energy performance assessments, e.g., required for the award of energy certificates, evoke significant effort and lack accuracy. This paper introduces the idea of building energy performance assessment on Big Data Analytics and information on buildings and occupants while respecting people’s privacy. Using a case study, we investigate whether the proposed method can outperform engineering-based methods in the field of residential buildings in terms of cost and accuracy.

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Grateful acknowledgement is due to the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology for their support of the project BigDAPESI (IUK-1606-0002, IUK491/001) making this paper possible.

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Fridgen, G., Guggenmos, F., Regal, C. et al. Poster abstract: Big Data beats engineering in residential energy performance assessment—a case study. Comput Sci Res Dev 33, 235–236 (2018).

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  • Energy-efficiency
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Energy prediction
  • Residential building