Integrating distribution system operator system landscapes


With efforts to establish smart energy systems (SES), distribution system operators (DSO) have seen technological and political challenges, which will require fundamental changes towards their operational and organizational structures as well as their underlying information system landscapes. We propose a model-based approach for integrating the system landscapes of DSOs in order to establish SES and utilize domain-wide standards. For this, we define a middleware architecture, which utilizes the Common Information Model (CIM) and assists DSO system landscape migration from system landscapes employing application-specific interfaces towards system landscapes employing application-independent interfaces.

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The research leading to the results presented in this work has been conducted within the German federal research initiative Future-proof Power Grids and funding by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy is gratefully acknowledged.

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  • Model-driven engineering
  • Domain modeling
  • Distribution system operation
  • Smart energy systems
  • Common information model (CIM)