Benchmarking for power consumption monitoring

Description of benchmarks designed to expose power usage characteristics of parallel hardware systems, and preliminary results
  • Michèle Weiland
  • Nick JohnsonEmail author
Special Issue Paper


This paper presents a set of benchmarks that are designed to measure power consumption in parallel systems. The benchmarks range from low-level, single instructions or operations, to small kernels. In addition to describing the motivation behind developing the benchmarks and the design principles that were followed, the paper also introduces a metric to quantify the power-performance of a parallel system. Initial results are presented and help to illustrate the contribution of the paper.


Benchmarks Power consumption  Energy efficiency metrics 



Thanks to James Perry and Iakovos Panourgias, both EPCC, for testing/reviewing the benchmarks, and to Andrew McCormick from Alpha Data Parallel Systems Ltd for deriving the energy scaling metrics.


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