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Genetics of leprosy: today and beyond


Leprosy is a chronic infectious disease of the skin and peripheral nerves that presents a strong link with the host genetic background. Different approaches in genetic studies have been applied to leprosy and today leprosy is among the infectious diseases with the greatest number of genetic risk variants identified. Several leprosy genes have been implicated in host immune response to pathogens and point to specific pathways that are relevant for host defense to infection. In addition, host genetic factors are also involved in the heterogeneity of leprosy clinical manifestations and in excessive inflammatory responses that occur in some leprosy patients. Finally, genetic studies in leprosy have provided strong evidence of pleiotropic effects between leprosy and other complex diseases, such as immune-mediated or neurodegenerative diseases. These findings not only impact on the field of leprosy and infectious diseases but also make leprosy a good model for the study of complex immune-mediated diseases. Here, we summarize recent genetic findings in leprosy susceptibility and discuss the overlap of the genetic control in leprosy with Parkinson’s disease and inflammatory bowel disease. Moreover, some limitations, challenges, and potential new avenues for future genetics studies of leprosy are also discussed in this review.

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