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Mutational analysis of BRAF and K-ras in gastric cancers: absence of BRAF mutations in gastric cancers

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Recently, BRAF mutations were found in a variety of human cancers. Interestingly, the most common of BRAF mutation (V599E) has not been identified in tumors with K-ras mutations. Whereas the majority of human cancer types has been screened for BRAF mutations, no detailed studies on gastric cancers have been investigated. Thus, we decided to investigate the incidence of BRAF mutations in gastric cancers, and the relationship between BRAF and K-ras mutations in such cancers. Three non-pathogenic BRAF polymorphisms and seven K-ras missense mutations were found in 66 gastric cancers and 16 gastric cancer cell lines. Although only 9% of our gastric cancer panels had K-ras mutations, the incidence of BRAF mutations was not high. Thus, BRAF mutations, which are present in a variety of other human cancers, do not seem to be involved in gastric cancer development.

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This work was supported by a research grant from the National Cancer Center, Korea. I.-J. Kim, J.-H. Park, H.C. Kang, and Y. Shin were supported by the BK21 project for Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy.

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