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Current status and prospects for the study of Nicotiana genomics, genetics, and nicotine biosynthesis genes

  • Xuewen WangEmail author
  • Jeffrey L. Bennetzen


Nicotiana, a member of the Solanaceae family, is one of the most important research model plants, and of high agricultural and economic value worldwide. To better understand the substantial and rapid research progress with Nicotiana in recent years, its genomics, genetics, and nicotine gene studies are summarized, with useful web links. Several important genetic maps, including a high-density map of N. tabacum consisting of ~2,000 markers published in 2012, provide tools for genetics research. Four whole genome sequences are from allotetraploid species, including N. benthamiana in 2012, and three N. tabacum cultivars (TN90, K326, and BX) in 2014. Three whole genome sequences are from diploids, including progenitors N. sylvestris and N. tomentosiformis in 2013 and N. otophora in 2014. These and additional studies provide numerous insights into genome evolution after polyploidization, including changes in gene composition and transcriptome expression in N. tabacum. The major genes involved in the nicotine biosynthetic pathway have been identified and the genetic basis of the differences in nicotine levels among Nicotiana species has been revealed. In addition, other progress on chloroplast, mitochondrial, and NCBI-registered projects on Nicotiana are discussed. The challenges and prospects for genomic, genetic and application research are addressed. Hence, this review provides important resources and guidance for current and future research and application in Nicotiana.


Gene expression Genome sequencing Polyploidy Nicotine biosynthesis Tobacco Genetic map 



The authors thank Prof. Katrien M. Devos of the University of Georgia, USA for her efforts, suggestions, and assistance in editing during manuscript preparation.

Supplementary material

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Supplemental File 1 Short read archive (SRA) resources of Nicotiana in the NCBI. File listed as Nicotiana short read archive resources in the NCBI on April 2nd 2014. (XLSX 46 kb)


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