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A novel molluscicidal formulation of niclosamide

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Snail control by molluscicides is an important strategy for schistosomiasis control in China. Currently, only one chemical molluscicide, niclosamide, which is used as 50% wettable powder of niclosamide ethanolamine salt (WPN), is commercially available for field snail control in China. However, WPN is costly, toxic, and has a lower dispersibility and precipitates rapidly. In this paper, we describe the development of a novel formulation of niclosamide, a suspension concentrate of niclosamide (SCN). The efficacy of SCN was evaluated both in the laboratory and field. SCN showed better molluscicidal effects than conventional formulation of WPN, as determined by LC50 for adult snails, young snails, and snail eggs. The acute toxicity of SCN to Brachdanio rerio hamiton was less than WPN. In conclusion, the novel formulation of SCN suspension is physically more stable, more effective, and less toxic. Therefore, it can be more useful for controlling snails in endemic areas of schistosomiasis in China.

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This study was funded by grants from the Hi-Tech Research and Development Program of China (863 Program; No.2004AA2Z3540) and the Department of Health of Jiangsu Provincial Government (No. 200219). We are grateful to Dr G. C. Coles, University of Bristol, UK for the help during the preparation of this manuscript. The experiments in this study are in compliance with the current laws and regulations in China.

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