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The burden of acute otitis media on the patient and the family

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The aim of our study was to determine the burden of acute otitis media (AOM) on patients and their families. Parents of children with AOM were interviewed with regard to the week preceding the AOM diagnosis and every 3 days henceforth for an additional 21 days. The interview included information on loss of workdays, use of health care services and impact on the patient's and family's quality of life. Parents of age- and neighbourhood-matched controls were interviewed in an identical manner. A total of 150 patients and 51 controls were included in the analysis. The following variables differed significantly ( P <0.001) between patients and controls (mean ± SD): non-routine days 18.5±11.0 in patients versus 3.4±6.5 in controls; number of visits to primary health centres 2.6±1.6 versus 0.4±0.6; number of emergency room visits 0.2±0.5 versus 0.1±0.02 and number of visits to an otolaryngology clinic 0.3±0.6 versus 0. Days of antibiotic and over the counter drug use were 9.0±5.6 versus 0.3± 0.9 and 7.0±6.0 versus 4.9±6.0, respectively per episode. The mean loss of workdays per child was 1.6±1.8 in patients versus 0.25±0.6 in controls, for working mothers and 0.6±1.1 versus 0.1±0.4 for working fathers; duration of absenteeism from day care facilities was 3.5±2.5 versus 0.9±2.7. Conclusion: Acute otitis media significantly reduces the quality of life of both child and parents, causes substantial use of medical services and significant loss of workdays.

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